Your Independent BMW Service Specialists

When you get behind the wheel of a BMW the difference is unmistakable. BMW’s cars and SUVs handle precisely, drive more comfortably and are held to a higher operating standard than any competitor. However even the “Ultimate Driving Machine” does require repairs and annual services from time to time.

If you’re in Mountain View, CA or the nearby surrounding cities then your best option for BMW repairs without visiting the dealerships are the BMW specialists at German Motor Specialist. Since 1988 we’ve been the area’s preferred independent service shop and our highly trained staff of mechanics will always treat each customer with courtesy, respect and honesty when it comes to your BMW’s condition.

High Quality BMW Repairs

Each BMW is a highly engineered machine and it takes a skilled and experienced technician to get the job done right. At German Motor Specialist our certified technicians have decades of experience working with BMW and other high-end vehicles. We offer the latest services and repairs for your car including:

We are also happy to honor all third-party extended warranties to help ensure that your visit to our shop is as positive and satisfactory as possible.

An Affordable Shop in Your Area

Located in Mountain View, CA German Motor Specialist is also proud to service the surrounding areas:

Your BMW requires diligent maintenance and service work to maintain the high-end performance that you expect. Instead of overpaying at the dealerships call German Motor Specialist today and see why so many drivers prefer our experienced technicians’ when it comes to BMW services.

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