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    When driving any vehicle, we consistently use our senses to detect trouble. We see a red light, and we come to a stop; we see traffic ahead and slow down. Beyond our sight, we also use our hearing to determine whether our vehicle is functioning properly or not. Just as it’s important to keep an eye out for traffic ahead, or a red light we’re approaching, it’s equally important to detect any issues our car might be exhibiting that could directly affect our safety on the road. This is especially true of suspension functioning.

    The suspension in any vehicle plays a crucial role, let alone in a luxury performance vehicle such as an Audi. Audi vehicles come with a range of suspensions and different components, depending on the model and the year. For the purposes of this article, we’ll talk about the suspension as if it is a traditional, mechanical suspension model. It is important to be aware of abnormal sounds coming from your Audi’s suspension so you can ensure your safety on the road, and of course, the quality of your drive.

    What Does Your Audi’s Suspension Do?

    As we mentioned, your Audi’s suspension is important for your safety, as well as for the consistency, quality, and reliability of your vehicle and its performance. The suspension is a complex series of parts that all work together to ensure that your drive is smooth and stable, despite the environmental factors at play. For instance, the shock absorbers keep the car from bouncing around when you hit a bump, dip, or divot. Keeping the various suspension components in good working condition is an important part of ongoing vehicle maintenance.

    Suspension Components that Often Fail

    Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your suspension may be comprised of different parts. These are the traditional pieces you’ll find in most vehicle suspensions:

    • Shock absorbers/struts
    • Springs
    • Bearings
    • Bushings
    • Joints, tie rod ends, and other linkage pieces

    You might also be surprised to find that several steering components, including wheels, tires, and power-steering pieces are also considered a part of your vehicle’s suspension. In an air suspension system, which is present in several, newer Audi models, an air compressor and air bags are also a part of the suspension system.

    Causes of Abnormal Suspension Sounds

    Each of the aforementioned suspension parts takes the brunt of vehicle impact, which ranges in severity on a daily basis. It’s important to be aware of how your suspension feels, but also how it sounds. Here are some concerning sounds you should address with your Audi specialist right away should you encounter them:


    Rattling noises are often traced back to worn out or loose bearings, which can be surprisingly detrimental to your Audi’s performance. Bearings are usually the first to go in a suspension, so it’s important to perform a thorough inspection of your suspension system.


    If your suspension is creaking like an old worn out jalopy when you’re driving over a bumpy road, it could be related to worn out shocks or struts.


    Usually squeaking noises occur due to a steering system issue that affects the vehicle suspension. This is especially dangerous; if your steering system isn’t working properly it can potentially cause an accident.


    If you notice a knocking followed by an intense vibration, the problem could be related to your Audi’s springs and shocks.

    Addressing Abnormal Suspension Noises

    It’s important to stay proactive and assertive when it comes to your Audi’s routine maintenance, which suspension maintenance is certainly a part of. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of vehicle care:

    • It’s best to hire a specialist who has extensive experience working with Audi vehicles to receive the highest level of care possible.
    • Suspension components wear out quickly, so it’s important to remain diligent about maintenance tasks.
    • Using high quality replacement parts will help extend the longevity of the suspension system.
    • Following up on concerning symptoms is just as important as preventive care – the longer you wait, the more likely the cost of repair will go up as damages continue to accrue.

    Audi RS 3

    Here at German Motor Specialist, we have proudly served clients from Mountain View, CA, for over decades. Due to our expertise with Audi vehicles, we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately prevent, detect, and treat Audi-specific issues such as air suspension failure or malfunction. To learn more about how we can help you stay on track maintaining your vehicle’s suspension, please contact one of our Audi specialists right away.

    * Audi RS 3 image credit goes to: rvolkan.

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