• Common Dashboard Issues in an Audi While Driving in Mountain View

    Audi Dashboard

    The Audi brand is known for producing high-quality vehicles that provide a luxurious and smooth driving experience while still having more power than other cars provide. Those promises come with a rather hefty price tag. You expect automotive excellence. Unfortunately, there are some common issues with the dashboard system of Audi vehicles that are frustrating many owners. Luckily, these problems are fixable.

    In this article, we are going to talk about:

    • The common dashboard issues that Audis face
    • Why they malfunction
    • What you can do about it

    The Most Common Dashboard Issues in an Audi

    When your Audi is having dashboard issues, this is called “instrument cluster failure.” It manifests itself in all sorts of ways. Let’s look at some of the signals you will see and notice with the dashboard issues in your Audi:

    • The dashboard display in some Audis are entirely digital. When they fail, you will have no idea what is going on with the various parts of your car. Even the speedometer is inaccessible, not to mention important engine failure indicators. This is incredibly dangerous for you and for everyone around you. You could have an accident, you could break down on the side of the road, and you could damage other parts of your vehicle without knowing until it is too late. The least of your worries is a speeding ticket.
    • Warning lights. Sometimes a warning light (check engine light, for example) will come on for no reason. The only thing you can do is take your Audi to a qualified technician at that point to diagnose the problem, whether or not costly repairs really are in order.
    • Flashing lights. Other electrical issues may cause all of your dashboard instruments to flicker or flash. This makes the proper information hard to read and is distracting while driving.
    • Incorrect information readouts. Many Audi owners have reported that the instrument cluster failure has led to important information being inaccurate. One report stated that the fuel gauge indicated that they had more gas in the tank than they actually did. These types of malfunctions can lead to varying degrees of frustration and costly repairs. Running out of gas is inconvenient and possibly dangerous, but your engine overheating could cause catastrophic damage and a huge repair bill.

    Why Audi Dashboard Malfunctions

    • Sensor malfunctions. Sensors in your vehicle relay information to the dashboard and the rest of your car to keep you driving safely. Sometimes, those sensors will fail to give accurate readouts that you need.
    • Blown fuse. When your fuses have blown, your various gauges you rely on for information stop working.
    • The voltage regulator is malfunctioning. The voltage regulator is what feeds the instrument cluster.
    • Electrical failure. When the electricity in your Audi fails, so does the digital dashboard.
    • A bulb has blown. Some warning lights will fail to turn on when they should because the bulb illuminating them has blown.

    What You Can Do

    When you experience dashboard issues in your Audi, it is vital that you take it into an auto shop. Not only is it annoying to not have the info you need, but it is also dangerous. Time is of the essence. You need to see a team of qualified technicians to get to the root of the problem. A mechanic who mostly deals with domestic vehicles may not have the skill set required to repair or replace what you need correctly the first time.

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    Audi Mechanic With Computer

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