• Effects of a Faulty Fuel Gauge on a Mercedes

    Mercedes Fuel Gauge

    While most Mercedes vehicles are known for their reliability and quality, on occasion owners may experience some technical difficulties. One common problem in models that were made from 1950’s all the way to even the early 2000’s is a faulty fuel gauge. This issue will manifest itself as a problem with the fuel gauge either being erratic or it may just be entirely inaccurate.

    This issue poses many hazards because you may find yourself driving when all of a sudden you run out of fuel, even though the gauge may indicate otherwise. In nearly all older vehicles, it is wise to not totally rely on the fuel gauge, and even with a newer car it is wise to understand how the vehicle works rather than just going off of what the gauge says. However, if you are experiencing a faulty gauge, you will want to diagnose the problem and repair the issue.

    How Does a Fuel Gauge Work?

    When you fill up your vehicle’s tank with gasoline, there is a float arm that will rise and lower depending on the level of the fuel. The more fuel you have, the higher the arm will be. When you start to get low on fuel, the arm lowers. The arm is connected to a variable resistor. The variable resistor is how the gauge is controlled. The resistor will send an electrical current that is connected to the gauge, so when an electrical resistance is detected, it signals for the gauge to either rise or lower. If you notice that the gauge is stuck in one position there is likely an issue with the system.

    Identifying a Faulty Fuel Gauge

    If you have a faulty fuel gauge it will be a fairly simple problem to recognize. Generally your fuel gauge will get stuck in one spot. For example, it will either stay entirely full even though you have driven a significant amount of miles, or it could stay on empty even though you have just put gasoline in your vehicle. Some other ways you might notice this issue is with the gauge being erratic with its readings. If you have not driven a ton, but the gauge has risen or lowered significantly, this is likely a sign that you are dealing with a faulty fuel gauge and you will want to get the issue fixed soon, rather than dealing with more frustration further down the road.

    What Causes the Gauge to Fail?

    One of the most common causes of your vehicle having a faulty fuel gauge could be the result of a broken sending unit. Generally this means that the sending unit’s wiring plug has corroded over time or that the contacts became loose. Another reason for your fuel gauge not functioning properly may be because the actuator located on your dashboard has failed.

    Either way, it is important that they be replaced or repaired in order for you to be able to read your fuel gauge correctly. If you do not feel confident in identifying this issue yourself, you will want to take your vehicle to a trusted Mercedes mechanic who will be able to diagnosis this problem for you.

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    How We Can Help

    It is always frustrating to deal with a faulty fuel gauge and can even be dangerous depending on where you live and where you are driving. If you think that your Mercedes is experiencing difficulties with the fuel gauge and don’t feel that you can replace the issue on your own we would be more than happy to assist you.

    Here at German Motor Specialist, we have expertly trained mechanics who specialize in dealing with Mercedes vehicles and that have experience diagnosing and repairing similar issues. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service and working with them to figure out the best approach to repairing your car. We encourage preventative maintenance and offer regular services to be able to identify any potential issues your vehicle may experience. If you would like to schedule an appointment to replace the fuel gauge in your car, or you would like to learn more about other services we offer, feel free to contact our office where a representative will be able to assist.

    * Mercedes Logo image credit goes to: vesilvio.

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