• Find Your Ride Summer Road Trip Season

    The kids are out of school, the warmer months are upon us, and with them come summer road trips. Road trips are a great bonding experience for families, and can create lifelong memories. But if your family is cramped in the back or your vehicle is not maintained for driving the extended distance, the experience can go from fun to forlorn. Going on a road trip isn’t a reason to run out and buy a new car, but you should be readily prepared to ensure a safe and relaxing journey. Here are some prepping tips as well as a few car features that are ideal for that family trip:

    • Car Prep List:
    • Check tires – tread depth and tire pressure
    • Check car battery
    • Have a first aid/emergency kit
      • Not only is it crucial to have a flashlight and all the staple items of a medical kit, be sure to pack some water and snacks as well, and depending on where the trip is taking you a set of gloves and hat may come in handy during inclement weather.
    • Test air conditioning and heating
    • Check car fluids (oil, washer fluid, coolant, etc.)
    • Check brakes
    • Check belts and hoses
    • Check headlights and turn signals

    Ideal Car Features:

    • Space – not just for the legs and arms but also for all of your travel gear
    • Good gas mileage – more miles, less stops to fill up
    • GPS system
    • Lane-departure warning (LDW) or Lane-keeping assist (LKA)
    • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)

    Always remember the most important piece to every driving experience, safe driving. This just doesn’t stop at attentive driving, it also requires route planning, getting adequate sleep, being aware of changing weather, and much more.

    German Motor Specialists has been the bay area’s leading independent Mini Cooper, Audi, and BMW service center since 1998. Before taking those summer road trips, stop in to get your vehicle serviced with the professionals. If you have questions about servicing any of these models, please feel free to contact us at 650-999- 0821, or visit our website to learn more about how we can help you!

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