• How Does AirMatic System Failure Affect a Mercedes-Benz?

    Mercedes-Benz GLC

    Mercedes-Benz has built its brand over the years around luxurious comfort and stability. Part of this comfort includes the AirMatic system, or suspension as it is alternatively referred to sometimes. This suspension enables the car to remain comfortable regardless of the conditions of the road on which it is driven. This ensures that even during a bumpy ride, the passenger barely feel the discomfort. What’s more, the suspension system in the Mercedes-Benz can be changed to different settings from the comfort of the car with a simple push of a button.

    The Mercedes-Benz uses air springs that can be adjusted to adapt to any road instantly, effectively absorbing the impact of shocks from rough roads. This absorption and adaptation is achieved by means of adding or removing air as the air springs move up and down, effectively adjusting to the surface of the road.

    Benefits of an AirMatic Suspension in Your Mercedes-Benz

    The AirMatic suspension in the Mercedes-Benz serves several purposes. One of these is to absorb the shock of driving on roads that have poor conditions. The suspension will absorb the shock and keep the passengers comfortable even when the car hits huge potholes or runs over bumps.

    The system also improves the safety of the car by ensuring that the wheels remain in contact with the road even in the event of a huge bump in the road. This improves the handling and maneuverability of the car by preventing the driver from losing control after hitting a big bump.

    Most importantly, with the AirMatic system ensuring that all the wheels of the car are in contact with the road, it prevents the car from rolling within curves. This is made possible by the fact that one side of the car becomes lower than the other around a corner. This lowering is caused by the centrifugal force that pushes on the car in an outward direction.

    Causes of AirMatic System Failure

    One of the reasons why the suspension system in your Mercedes may fail includes a malfunction in the air suspension compressor, whose main function is to produce compressed air. This means if it fails, little to no compressed air is generated and this will lead to low pressure and ultimately a failed suspension system.

    A blown fuse may also cause the suspension system to fail. The fuse engages the AirMatic system to function and when it blows, the system may fail to work completely or keep running even after it has served its purpose.

    Another cause of the AirMatic System failure is leakage in the air strut. The struts are prone to wear and tear over time, and as a result they may start to leak after a while. The leaking strut will cause the car to drop on the side where the leak has occurred. Leaks may also come from the lines that carry the compressed air.

    Symptoms of AirMatic System Failure

    When the valves in the AirMatic system fail, you are bound to notice a few changes in your driving experience. Some of the effects associated with this failure include a glaring warning on the dashboard of the car indicating “Air Suspension Failure” and suggesting that you visit a reliable mechanic. While this may sound like a simple warning, should you ignore it, an even more urgent notification will alert you to how critical the situation is by indicating that you need to “Stop Vehicle Too Low”.

    This message will alert you of the car being too low and you should heed the call to take it to a shop for a specialist to look at it. The next thing that follows this sign is the total collapse of the car, after which you will not be able to drive it at all.

    Mercedes C63 AMG

    What to Do When the AirMatic Suspension System Fails

    Contacting a service technician at German Motor Specialists should be at the top of your to-do list in the case that the suspension system of your Mercedes-Benz starts to fail. This is because we are most likely to have the original parts that may be needed to replace what is broken. Our specialists have the expertise to diagnose and fix the suspension system efficiently. Getting help before your car stalls completely can also save you the hassle of having to get it towed to a mechanic.

    * Mercedes-Benz GLC image credit goes to: servickuz.

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