• How Much Does That Discount Oil Change Really Cost?

    Pouring Oil into Car

    You may be tempted by the dealer’s oil change special and say to yourself, their price is better than the independents. However, be aware that oil changes are loss-leaders for many dealers—meaning that they are deliberately losing money on oil changes in the hopes of generating more profitable work.

    Here’s the routine: after your oil change and “free” inspection comes the unexpected up-sell! All of the sudden, that cheap oil change becomes thousands of dollars of repairs. They provide you with a long list of work the car needs with no details about the severity or urgency. Now you’re asking yourself, do I really need all these repairs or should I get another opinion? Too frequently, when customers come to us for a second opinion on these repairs, we discover some of the free inspection’s findings are exaggerated or unnecessary.

    Was that $10-15 savings really worth your time?

    When price shopping, we suggest comparing prices on repairs beyond oil changes. When you start comparing these prices, it all starts to make sense why the dealer is offering discounted oil changes.

    Also, keep in mind that not all independents use the same high quality parts like we do. Therefore, they may offer a better prices but inferior parts and service. You really do get what you pay for!

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