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    Volkswagen Oil Sludge Buildup

    Volkswagen has produced vehicles that become pop culture hits time after time, such as the Beetle and the Camper Van. VWs are practical, economic, stylish, and sophisticated. To many, their VW becomes their pride and joy. However, without the correct care and maintenance practices, even the most highly-praised vehicles begin to show signs of wear and tear.

    One of the main issues caused by low-maintenance standards is the build up of oil sludge. This problem contributes to poor performance and parts failure. This type of build up should be avoided at all costs. In this article, we will look at the cause of oil sludge, how to avoid it, and how to deal with it should it occur.

    What is oil sludge and what will it do to my VW?

    Also known as engine sludge, oil sludge is a build up of deposits, such as expired oils, which have broken down. Other contaminants also mix with these deposits in the oil as it circulates in your engine. This creates what is known as sludge. The thick sludge buildup will stick to the most important components in your engine. It likes to specifically settle around moving parts, inhibiting their performance and causing your VW to under-perform.

    A resulting impact of oil sludge buildup is the poor lubrication of your engine’s moving parts. The sludge will effectively seize these parts, as well as create a blockage. This will prevent fresh oil from circulating through your engine. Without the correct lubrication, the moving parts of your engine which are not inhibited will grind against one another, creating damage or become so stiff that they cannot move at all. This can cause catastrophic complete-engine failure.

    How to Prevent Oil Sludge Build Up

    Oil sludge can have a devastating impact upon your engine and its healthy function. It is important to note that oil sludge is completely preventable with the correct care and maintenance. VW drivers should not let sludge build up in their oil, as once it is settled in your engine’s moving components, it can be tricky to remove, resulting in greater repair costs. To prevent sludge buildup you should:

    1. Buy Suitable Engine Oil

    Where possible, you should always invest in quality engine oil, preferably a well-known brand or a brand that is recommended by your mechanic. Cheap oil can save you money at first, but it will fail faster than quality oil, requiring you to change your oil more frequently. Cheap oil can also have a higher amount of contaminants and also lack additives and conditioners that are beneficial to the healthy running of your VW’s engine.

    2. Change your Oil Regularly

    Oil reaches the end of its life span when it starts to break down inside your engine, leaving the deposits which will eventually become sludge if not dealt with. Therefore, you should change your oil as directed by your owner’s manual and at the discretion of your mechanic.

    3. Change the Oil Filter

    Your engine has an oil filter which is needed to catch contaminants and deposits, such as broken down oil, before it can enter the engine. However, if this filter is poorly maintained, it can become broken and let all debris pass through. Alternatively, it can become blocked, preventing fresh oil from circulating. Either way, it can lead to some nasty sludge build up if unattended.

    4. Use Sludge Removers

    For some mechanics, the jury is out as to the effectiveness of sludge removers, but some car owners swear by them and their positive results. Sludge removers can be bought from auto shops and can be used at home for an affordable fix. However, no sludge remover is ever guaranteed to work. So if you notice your problems continue, then you will need to take your VW to a professional mechanic for servicing.

    Volkswagen Oil Change

    Dealing With Oil Sludge Build Up

    As we’ve discovered, the best way to deal with oil sludge buildup is to prevent it from happening in the first place by utilizing good maintenance practices. However, should a sludge-related issue arise, you should deal with it quickly to prevent the sludge from building up too greatly and become a nightmare to remove.

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