Making up a large part of Silicon Valley, Los Altos is known for placing a large emphasis on community. With numerous accredited schools and parks that focus on conservation, Los Altos is widely considered one of the safest cities in the entire country. Driving through the streets and neighborhoods it’s easy to see how well maintained the buildings and houses are and that same quality maintenance and upkeep extends to vehicles as well. For years the expert mechanics at German Motor Specialist have helped Los Altos drivers take proper care of their vehicle.

Brands We Service

At German Motor Specialist our experts have the tools and equipment needed to service the area’s most popular German vehicles including:

Each of these vehicles requires mechanics to follow specific service and maintenance programs and at German Motor Specialist we have decades of experience working closely with all models of these brands.

Services We Provide

Our shop is proud to offer complete in-house services designed to meet or exceed dealership quality without the high costs of actually going to the dealership. Our award-winning services include:

Our shop honors all third-party warranties so that you can confidently take care of your car without jumping through hoops or dealing with any extra hassles.

Visit Our Shop Today

If you’re in Los Altos or nearby areas and your car is acting up then visit the experts at German Motor Specialist. Our specialists have the experience and passion needed to help you continue to get the most out of your vehicle.