Hi, my name is Nang Sam! I have been with German Motor Specialist for over 10 years now. I have always felt valued and taken care of through my entire journey with GMS, it’s a testament to how long I have been here. A few of my favorite hobbies outside of work include biking, hiking, and backcountry backpacking. German Motor has made it all possible because of the flexible vacation time that is available throughout the year (thank you!).

Have you worked at a dealership before?
I have worked for a local BMW dealer in the past, and the difference is quite astounding after coming to GMS. The improvement in the work setting has not only given me a positive boost as an employee but it has also made me take more pride in my work. At the dealer we were only able to communicate through email with our service writers, but now I am able to communicate directly in person with service writers to solve customer vehicle issues. This allows the service writer to physically come in the shop with me and look over the vehicle and thoroughly explain the situation at hand. This results in a faster and more efficient process saving the customer time and money (win win for everyone). We are also working with better technology which lets us provide pictures for the customer to help everyone understand that much more.

Do you have any particular noteworthy training or certifications?
German Motor Specialist provides and pays for training through WTI (WORLDPACKTraining Institute) and SSF Technical Training (https://www.ssfautoparts.com/technical), these are always great resources to stay ahead of the learning curve. We receive and offer the dealership-quality knowledge and experience, but at a more reasonable cost for the customer.

Favorite vehicle that you worked/work on at GMS?
I enjoy working on all types of vehicles, nothing in particular. Every day there is always a new type of issue with the vehicles which keeps me on my toes. I just want to diagnose and solve the problems.

Do you personally own a fun vehicle or use to?
I personally don’t own any “fun” vehicle, but in the future I want to build an E30 from the ground up. It’s a simple and easy vehicle to work on compared to newer vehicles. If I could own any vehicle I would like to own a Toyota Land Cruiser because I’m an outdoors guy. I need space for storage and the ability to go off road.

Your favorite service that you perform?
No car problem is too tough or too easy. I love all the challenges!

Helpful tips or advice for Audi/BMW/Mini owners out there?
Always pay attention to the instrument cluster warning lights, because it indicates any immediate issues and allows you to stay on top of the routine maintenance and avoid any future problems.