• Reasons Behind Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz Gear Selector Issue

    The ability of a car to shift back and forth through gears as required by the driver makes all the difference between a good driving experience and the perfect driving experience. Fortunately, in luxury brands like the Mercedes, the gear functions have been automated and perfectly engineered to ensure that the car can easily move from one gear to the next without much of a hassle.

    The gear selector is part of the transmission system that is responsible for changing of gears in the car. It is unfortunate that in this high-performance car the gear selector can still develop problems that may affect the overall performance of the car. For many Mercedes drivers, comfort and performance are of extreme importance as they are a large part of the reason why they choose the car in the first place.

    Causes of Gear Selector Issues

    Like many other car parts, the gear selector can develop issues due to a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

    Normal wear and tear

    The transmission system is made up of several parts, all of which are important in controlling the car. These parts are prone to wear and tear, which causes them to malfunction and can cause the gear selector to fail, especially if the car goes into limp mode and in turn limits the speeds at which you can drive without seeking professional help.

    Faulty valve bodies

    The transmission system relies on hydraulic transmission fluid to communicate between the steering wheel and the wheels of the car. Transmission fluid flows through several valves in the course of creating the desired movements in the wheels of the car, and these valves can break down over time. Other than normal wear, these valves can also develop mechanical problems preventing them from maintaining the regular flow of the hydraulic fluid and this will affect the gear selector’s functionality.

    Low transmission fluid

    When the hydraulic transmission fluid level becomes low, a communication breakdown between the steering wheel and the individual wheels in the car will eventually develop. This will be characterized by a number of gear issues, including problems with the gear selector that will no longer respond to commands as needed.

    Symptoms of Gear Selector Issues

    Some of the most common signs that you will notice in your Benz that point to an issue in the gear selector include:

    Difficulty in shifting gears

    If your car changes gears roughly, especially when reversing, chances are that the gear selector could have a problem. The gear changes in the Mercedes are extremely smooth and anything rough could point to an issue within the transmission system.

    Unusual noises

    Some of the common noises that will indicate that there is a gear selection problem in your car include clicking noises that come from faulty valve bodies or grinding noises that come from the gears rubbing on each other when you try to shift them.

    What to Do

    The most important thing you can do to prevent the gear selector from developing faults is to regularly service the car and pay attention to how your car is shifting gears. This way, you’ll be able to spot any signs of trouble before they become actual problems. Moreover, you’ll also be able to prevent premature wear and tear by taking on the right precautions such as ensuring the transmission fluid is at the right level.

    The signs that indicate trouble in the gear selector of your Mercedes are very similar to the signs of trouble in other components within the transmission system. This means that the correct diagnosis has to be made to ascertain that the source of the symptoms is indeed the gear selector. This can easily be done by an auto mechanic that specializes in luxury brands and especially in the Mercedes Benz.

    Mercedes Benz Gear Selector Issue Fix

    Seeking help from an experienced mechanic will also ensure that you only get quality services and quality installation in case you need any parts of the transmission system in your car replaced. Because the engineering that goes into German vehicles is top notch, going for anything less in the name of repairs is an exercise in futility. This is why it is important to seek help from German Motor Specialists to ensure your car gets the quality service it deserves.

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