• Repairs Faced Daily by Certified Technicians at German Motor Specialist

    Whether your vehicle needs routine service or a major repair, our certified technicians are skilled at quickly diagnosing and pinpointing solutions to problems – some more than others. There are repairs we face daily that others may not notice, have the knowledge or expertise to properly address, or the facilities and equipment to rectify the situation. Every day, with every customer, we focus on providing no-pressure, high-quality Audi, BMW & Mini repair services. Our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction – that is The German Motor Specialist Advantage!

    Battery Acid Leak

    Car batteries contain a sulfuric acid solution that is highly toxic and corrosive. Therefore, it is vital to handle leaking car batteries with extreme care and attention. At German Motor Specialist we always recommend factory batteries in lieu of after-market batteries. This ensures the highest quality product and the most appropriate for your vehicle in the long term. For safety reasons, it is advised to seek professional help whenever dealing with battery leaks.

    Suspension Bushing

    Suspension bushings are key to a smooth and comfortable ride. The hydraulic oil that flows through here helps to dampen vibrations from the road. If leaks occur and go unchecked this can lead to steering vibration, braking vibration, a bumpier ride, unusual tire wear and even alignment issues.

    Tire Wear

    Too little tire tread can create unsafe driving conditions. When tires can’t grip the road, a driver may lose control of his or her vehicle. When roads are wet or snowy, tire tread depth is very important. Anytime precipitation gets between tires and the road, tread is needed to cut through it and maintain as much contact with the road surface as possible. The more shallow the tread, the more easily traction may be lost when driving in the wet or snow.

    The technicians at German Motor Specialist stay up-to-date on the latest automotive technology, utilizing professional, hands-on experience in working with various automobile types. Combining cutting-edge technology with real-world experience, our mission is to get your car back on the road in less time than it takes other shops to simply figure out what’s wrong. With the most current diagnostic equipment available, including original factory equipment, we are allowed to quickly uncover a vehicle’s problem and begin working on the solution.

    Since 1998, German Motor Specialist has been providing service exclusively on BMW, Audi and Mini Cooper vehicles. Our certified technicians use the latest factory diagnostic technologies to help diagnose and treat engine issues. Offering a convenient location near the Googleplex and many other area employers, complimentary shuttle service, and close proximity to CalTrain means never being stranded while your car is being serviced. For more information call 650-963-9212 or contact our team today to schedule maintenance or repair.

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