Hey, I am Robert. I have been working for GMS for over 4.5 years. Some of my hobbies are working on cars, performance and I also enjoy the outdoors and photography.

Have you worked at a dealership before?
My career started at Allison BMW in Sunnyvale. I worked at the dealer for 25 years. Was a very valuable experience and glad to bring it all with me to GMS.

The main difference of working at the dealer compared to GMS is that at the dealer the majority of the vehicles you are working on are going to be new and under warranty. You may even find a few dedicated customers that continue to go to the dealer even after the vehicle is out of warranty, but for the large part, once the warranty is up people tend to find a new repair shop for service.

At GMS, that is where you are going to be seeing a lot of those out of warranty vehicles heading. The customer service is top notch and you aren’t tied in by a warranty. A customer is also completely reassured because GMS is more experienced at diagnosing those more complex out of warranty issues that occur with older vehicles.

When it comes to training and specialized tools, GMS and a dealership are going to be the exact same.

The other difference is that dealership technicians are typically paid on a flat rate basis. Flat rate can potentially lower quality and promote shortcuts. At GMS, technicians are paid hourly. This allows us to completely focus on the problem at hand and perform the repair to 100% customer satisfaction. This can save a lot of headaches for everyone involved too.

Do you have any particular noteworthy training or certifications?
I am a BMW master technician and also certified for automotive Air Conditioning service and repair. I also have extensive experience as a Technical Shop foreman.

Favorite vehicle that you worked/work on at GMS?
I would say my favorite is the BMW M5.

Do you personally own a fun vehicle or use to?
I currently own a Subaru WRX and a Honda Civic Si. Both are fun to drive with the moderate modifications I have added.

Your favorite service that you perform?
My favorite service is electrical diagnosis and repair.

Helpful tips or advice for Audi/BMW/Mini owners out there?
Maintain your vehicles and follow the service intervals that are recommended, and check your engine oil, coolant and tire pressures regularly.

If you ever have oil leaks repair them as soon as possible. It is not only best for the vehicle but also for our environment.