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    Volkswagens have a long history embroiled in pop culture and have been revered among different social groups for decades. Volkswagen has become a respectable brand that has captured the hearts of many drivers. The best way you can show your pride or love for your vehicle is to give it the care and maintenance it deserves. This means becoming aware of some of the signs and symptoms of potential failure of essential components of your car.

    In this article, we will look closer at the role of your Volkswagen’s muffler bracket, find out why it is important, and discuss what to look for in regards to its failure.

    What is a muffler bracket and what does it do?

    Also called the exhaust bracket, the muffler bracket may not seem like something that is all that important, but it actually, it has an essential role to play in the function and running of your exhaust system. It also protects other important parts of your car. The muffler bracket is made from strengthened rubber, which does allow a slight degree of flexibility, helping to prevent the risk of it shaking loose over bumps or rough terrain.

    Essentially, the muffler bracket is what holds the muffler and the exhaust piping flush against the base of your car. Without this bracket, your entire exhaust system would be loose, able to flail about and drag on the ground as you drive. Many sports and luxury cars have mufflers and exhaust systems that are lower to the ground, so ensuring the muffler bracket is able to hold the piping and muffler up is essential if you do not want to find yourself faced with an expensive repair bill.

    In cars more elevated from the ground, the failure of this bracket can go unnoticed. The longer this goes on can directly impact the performance of your vehicle, not to mention the external condition of your exhaust system. Rough road textures and debris will be able to wear down the system and expose your vehicle to a whole new set of expensive problems to repair.

    What causes muffler bracket failure?

    As it is made from rubber, there is a chance that with time, your muffler bracket can become dry and prone to cracking. Poor driving habits can also impact the lifespan of the bracket, as speeding over rough road textures can cause pieces of debris to fly up and strike the exhaust system or muffler bracket as well as cause excessive jarring, which puts the bracket under excess stress.

    How to Tell if Your Muffler Bracket has Failed

    There are several signs and symptoms that can indicate your car’s muffler bracket may have failed. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is essential you seek repairs from a professional auto shop.

    1. Low Hanging Exhaust

    As previously mentioned, if you can fully see your exhaust system or muffler when looking at the back of your vehicle, then it is clear your bracket has failed and is no longer holding the system flush to the base of the car.

    2. Hissing Sounds

    Because it has no support, the exhaust is exposed to damage from the road and debris. It may develop holes and other damage. This will lead to hissing sounds that are particularly noticeable when accelerating, due to exhaust fumes escaping from these holes in the system.

    3. Decrease in Performance

    If there are holes or damage to the exhaust system, it is likely you will also have reduced engine performance, due to the reduce in back pressure. This can impact the acceleration, performance, and overall driveability of your vehicle. It indicates that you may now have a more severe issue on your hands other than a damaged muffler bracket.


    If you suspect your muffler bracket has failed, then it is essential you seek repairs as soon as possible. Replacing the bracket is relatively cheap, but replacing your entire exhaust system certainly isn’t.

    Volkswagen Muffler Bracket Repair

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    * Volkswagen Teramont image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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