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    Mercedes Damaged Rear Suspension

    Mercedes has a long history of producing superior luxury cars. With the interior being just as gorgeous as the exterior, and with incredibly-designed parts and systems to match, there is a clear reason why Mercedes represents the pinnacle of sophistication and top tier driving for many people.

    However, without the correct care and maintenance practices in place, and given enough time, parts will start to fail. Your suspension is one of the largest systems in your car, usually spanning almost it’s entire underside. With this in mind, there is the potential for a lot of faults and issues when routine maintenance is not maintained. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the signs and symptoms of damage to your suspension, particularly focusing on issues towards the rear of your Mercedes suspension.

    How does my Mercedes’ suspension work?

    The suspension is designed to absorb excess shocks and motion of the car as it hits different road surfaces and textures. A good suspension is able to smooth out bumpy roads, keeping the driving experience comfortable and relaxed. To achieve this, your suspension utilizes three key components: springs, shock absorbers, and the anti-roll bars.

    The springs work in tandem with your wheels to even out bumps and dips in the road, extending and contracting to keep the suspension level. The shock absorbers dampen down the excess kinetic energy (movement) created by the drive. Shock absorbers transform this energy into heat. Finally, the anti-roll bars are pretty self explanatory and are responsible for giving the suspension structure while evenly distributing the weight of the car to make cornering safe. This prevents the car from rolling over.

    Signs and Symptoms

    As the suspension is one large interconnected system, you can feel the symptoms of suspension failure across the entire system. Often, the same symptoms can occur both in the front and the rear of your car. So, while this list might appear general, remember that it can apply to both the front and rear, respectively. Either way, if you’re faced with any of these issues, you should seek repairs quickly, no matter the specific location of the problem within your suspension.

    Veering Left or Right

    Depending on the severity of the damage to your suspension, your Mercedes may gently veer to one side when driving straight, or it may feel as though you are constantly struggling to maintain a straight path. This is typically caused by poor wheel alignment, which can be caused by poor maintenance standards, driving over bumpy roads, or a minor impact. This can affect both the front and rear suspension.

    Veering to one side can also be indicative of an issue with the tires and noting to do with the suspension at all. So, before you book your Mercedes in for suspension servicing, check your wheels over for signs of damage or uneven wear to save yourself some time and money.

    Rough Ride

    Damage to the bushing, springs, shocks, or struts of your suspension can result in your Mercedes riding far less smoothly than it used to, meaning road surfaces suddenly feel extra bumpy, and your driving experience becomes uncomfortable and unpleasant.

    You can test if this is the issue by pushing down on the front or back of your car and then letting go. If your car rises back steadily, then it is likely your suspension isn’t blame. You should investigate in other areas. However, if it bounces several times, then it is likely your suspension will need servicing.

    Corner Sitting Low

    When parked, your vehicle should be level on all four wheels. Therefore, if you notice your vehicle dipping to one side or one corner looking lower than the other, then it is likely your suspension springs are at fault.


    Hearing noises from your suspension is probably the clearest indicator of an issue. As a rule of thumb, your suspension should be silent. If you hear any banging, scraping, or screeching coming from your vehicle, you’re going to need to seek diagnostic help.

    Mercedes Rear Suspension Attachment

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