• Tips to Repair DME Communication Failure in Your VW

    Volkswagen Passat

    The DME communication might just be the most important thing for many drivers, depending on what model car they drive. While it may not sound like a familiar part like the alternator or exhaust pipe, the DME is the digital motor electronics system, which is in integral part of an automobile. If you have ever been in or around a newer model car, you have experienced the DME at work. Without this connection, cars would just be chunks of metal on wheels.

    With a nice vehicle such as a Volkswagen, it is imperative that everything is operating properly so that the vehicle remains reliable and safe to drive, so that you can enjoy driving it for a long time. As such, understanding what the DME is, how it functions, and how to fix it is very important for keeping your car working smoothly and making the most out of your Volkswagen.

    What is DME and DME Communication Failure?

    The digital motor electronics system, as the name suggests, is a module that monitors the signals produced by the engine and translates them to digital signals that can be quantitated. It is important to know how the engine is functioning in order to decide how to react to the operating conditions for maximum efficiency and performance. A control unit, it measures various outputs of the car such as air flow, temperature, and pressure to determine how much fuel should be sent to which cylinder of the engine to produce the most power.

    DME communication failure is the inability for the DME to analyze important operating conditions for the engine and its cylinders. However, this problem is even more serious than simply losing fuel efficiency, because it also affects the way the car is started since the ignition of the car’s engine is based on operation of the spark plug and relay to the engine. A damaged DME can be a potential health hazard and needs to be addressed promptly.

    What are the Problems Caused by DME Communication Failure?

    If the sensors are damaged, the DME may not be able to properly relay information from the engine. and the result is that fuel efficiency cannot be accurately determined and optimized. A destruction of the connection between the DME and the engine or a malfunction in the sensors may lead to poor fuel efficiency and engine performance. This may lead to cylinders malfunctioning while on the road, not being able to provide adequate acceleration in emergency situations such as avoiding trucks and other vehicles on the acceleration late.

    Moreover, in serious cases a DME communication failure may result in not being able to start the vehicle at all, since the signal threshold for starting the engine may be affected. Many people have or know someone who has the experience of having difficulties starting a car. While this may be due to a faulty spark plug, it may also be the result of the DME communication failure which prevents the engine to respond to the signal created by the spark plug to start it. That might be why the vehicle suddenly starts after a few slams on the dashboard, since the DME communication is based on a very sensitive electrical connection that can be easily frayed and therefore sometimes working and sometimes not.

    What Should I do about my DME Communication Failure?

    Since the DME is a complex electrical system and the effects of a DME communication failure may be hard to detect and sometimes overlap with those of other common automobile problems, self-repairs might not be the best option. For sensitive issues such as this one, professional advice and consultation is recommended to ensure the safety of the vehicle and everyone. In the case of DME communication failure, German Motor Specialist has the expertise and professional customer service that you need for not only electrical issues but a comprehensive analysis as well.

    Volkswagen Mechanic

    Located conveniently to Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Mountain View, CA, we have the most knowledgeable car mechanics that have the experience to identify the issues and communicate the expert solutions. Working with German Motor Specialist, you can be assured that you are in good hands and that you made a DME communication success!

    * Volkswagen Passat image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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