• Transmission Leaks are Common for Mercedes in Mountain View

    Mercedes Transmission Leak

    Mercedes are powerful vehicles with powerful reputations, making punchy driving experiences look like an effortless glide. Durable and representing the peak of modern engineering, Mercedes cars seldom let their owners down. However, without maintenance and servicing standards, even a Mercedes can develop a problem or two. All vehicles have their quirks and issues that are common to their brand, and for Mercedes, a leaking transmission is known to be a problem in some models. In this article, we will take a closer look at the causes and symptoms of a transmission leak in your Mercedes and what you should do about them.

    What does the transmission do?

    The transmission is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the rear wheels or the front wheels. The transmission uses fluid known as transmission fluid to create pressure for this process. Inside the transmission are gears, which present different wheel speeds and torque.

    What causes a transmission leak?

    As the transmission relies on the creation of pressure from a liquid, it has various fluid lines, pumps, seals, and valves. These all need to be water-tight to achieve the pressure required for gear changes. A failure of any of these parts can cause leaking transmission fluid. Most commonly, these parts fail with simple time and use. This natural wear and tear is sped up with poor maintenance standards. Transmission leaks can also occur due to damage, such as from accidents or driving on rocky terrain.

    Know Your Car’s Fluids

    One of the clearest signs of a transmission leak is spots of transmission fluid on the ground underneath the car. But what does transmission fluid look like? There are many different fluids used in a vehicle, many of which can leave spots on the pavement. Use the handy guide below to help confirm your suspicions.

    • Transmission fluid is pink or red with a slippery texture.
    • Antifreeze is usually green or orange and sweet smelling.
    • Power steering fluid is clear or transparent.
    • Engine oil is dark brown or yellow with a slippery texture.

    Other Symptoms

    If you notice any of the issues below with your vehicle, then it is probably best to have your transmission system checked by a professional for signs of failure.

    1. Transmission Overheating

    Aside from the engine, the transmission is probably the hottest part of your car. Change gears releases a lot of heat, and if there is little to no fluid left in the transmission system, it is likely to overheat. When this overheats, you will probably notice your temperature gauge increase. It might smell of hot oil or have a fuel smell that will permeate through your air conditioner. If your transmission gets really hot, it may even cause your engine to overheat also.

    2. Problem Shifting Gears

    This one is pretty simple. Because the transmission is responsible for changing gears, if it isn’t working correctly, it won’t be able to smoothly shift from gear to gear, resulting in an unsettling driving experience. 

    3. Tricky Acceleration

    In the same vein with the above point, as the transmission is responsible for delivering power to the wheels, if it isn’t working correctly, you’ll notice acceleration becomes sluggish or a struggle.

    What to Do if You Notice a Problem

    If you begin to notice any of the above issues, and you suspect your transmission isn’t performing at its best, then you should take your car to a Mercedes specialist for diagnostics and repairs as soon as possible. Any excess heat under the hood is really best avoided. High temperatures will cause damage and put strain upon the essential systems found there, causing your engine to underperform and your radiator to work over time. A poorly working or leaking transmission is also dangerous, resulting in an unpredictable driving experience which could increase the risk of accidents.

    Mercedes Transmission Fluid Filling

    Where to Go for Repairs

    Luckily, if you are a Mercedes driver living in or around Atherton, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Stanford, or Sunnyvale, CA, the experienced, highly-qualified, and friendly staff at German Motor Specialist are here for you. With a 99.99% customer satisfaction rating and over 20 years of experience specializing in German vehicles, your Mercedes really couldn’t be in safer hands.

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