• What you should know about the BMW Maintenance Program

    Maintenance programs on new cars are a general expectation for car buyers. In an effort to add a little extra incentive to the purchase, manufacturers bundle a complimentary care package for basic services. However, recently BMW cut back the offerings on its generously appointed Ultimate Service Maintenance package. Will this move cause issues for new car buyers?

    The nuts and bolts

    BMW has long been known for its substantial service package, which covered not only routine maintenance including oil changes, air filters and spark plugs, but also some common wear items including belts, clutches, wiper blades and even brakes. This package covered all new car purchases for either four years or 50,000 miles.

    This all changed with the release of the 2017 model year. The program, which is now called Ultimate Care, will only cover 3 years or 36,000 miles. In addition, only general maintenance items are covered in this new plan (wear items are not included).

    Why the change?

    BMW notes that the change is in response to buying patterns, in which consumers purchase a new car at least once every three years. This meant that most individuals were not using many of the options on their previous service package.  Additionally, the company’s lease options are generally three years on length.

    Impacts for the consumer

    For consumers who keep their automobile for three years or less, the current plan will likely be adequate for their service needs and will not have an impact. However, for those who generally drive their cars for longer periods of time, the impact could be more significant. This is particularly true of parts such as brake pads and rotors which often need replacing well before 36,000 miles. Taking a car to a dealership for repairs can be very costly given the manufacturer markup on parts and service. This could leave car owners looking for other maintenance alternatives.

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