• When Should You Replace the Oxygen Sensor in Your Audi?

    Audi Oxygen Sensor

    For most Audi owners, the assurance that their cars will serve them for a good long period of time is almost guaranteed — after all, the company has its good reputation for a reason. However, this guarantee is threatened by some issues that tend to surface earlier than expected. These issues show up regardless of the quality care and attention that the vehicle owners afford their cars regularly. One such issue happens to be linked to the oxygen sensor.

    An oxygen sensor is a device that determines the level of oxygen concentration in exhaust gas, which is a by-product of the combustion of fuel in the engine of a vehicle. This ratio of air to fuel is normally regulated in order for the catalytic converters to function at an optimum level. When the level of either the oil or oxygen in the exhaust gases is not regulated, the functions of the catalytic converters are impaired, and this in turn affects the overall functionality of the vehicles engine.

    Signs that the oxygen sensor in your Audi is malfunctioning

    There are a few pointers that your Audi will give to indicate that the oxygen sensor may be failing. The most glaring symptom that your car will have is a decrease in performance. An Audi is a high-performance vehicle and when the oxygen sensor starts to fail, that performance is significantly reduced. Some of the other signs of failure include:

    Check engine light

    The check engine light on your dashboard may be caused by a number of reasons. In this case, a failing oxygen sensor will trigger the light. This is simply because the oxygen sensor works to ensure that there is a balance in the fuel to air ratio in the engine. If the ratios of either of these components are lower than they should be, the engine will automatically fail to function efficiently.

    Misfiring engine

    A failing oxygen sensor will disrupt the regular chain of activity within the engine, causing it to be erratic. Due to the lack of coordination in the timing at which the engine runs, the engine will misfire and sometimes run erratically when idle. The car may also experience some rough running. You may also notice strange noises and vibrations from the engine that could directly be linked to the state of the oxygen sensor.

    Poor gas mileage

    The oxygen sensor regulates the air to fuel ratio in the engine. Failure to keep these two components at the recommended ratio will cause the fuel delivery and the fuel burning process to be altered. This will cause too much fuel to be delivered into the engine and therefore more of the fuel will be used to cover distances that would normally take less fuel.

    Possible Solutions for a Failing Oxygen Sensor

    Whenever you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms in your Audi, you should make it a point to check your car into a trusted Audi repair shop for a professional to take a look at it. You will also need to have a professional check on the state of your car’s oxygen sensor after it has done several thousand miles.

    It will also help to take your Audi for servicing at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. This is because any issues that may not have started showing symptoms may be detected during the diagnostic process. The professionals will know if and when the oxygen sensor in your Audi is beginning to fail and they will recommend replacing it.

    Audi Oxygen Sensor Replacement

    It is very important to contract the services of a certified professional Audi specialist to replace the oxygen sensor in your car. This is simply because these professionals will have more experience and technical know-how of safely replacing the failing device with a new one of the recommended quality. This is also very important because the pros will provide an efficient solution that will save you on money that you would have spent on future repairs.

    The best way to find such specialists is to speak with our service technicians at German Motor Specialists, who are well versed with German vehicles such as the Audi. We have the knowledge needed to repair all German vehicles, including your Audi, and are ready and waiting to change out your O2 sensor to ensure a quality ride.

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