• Why Do Mini Cooper Engine Mounts Malfunction?

    Red Mini Cooper

    The Mini Cooper may be small, but it is jam-packed with power. Drivers go crazy over it’s swift mobility, trendy aesthetic, and smooth drive. Not to mention, the Mini is quite the conversation starter. Since this European classic makes such a statement, it’s no wonder that owners do everything they can to keep theirs in top-notch condition. However, like many luxury vehicles, the Mini comes with its own unique set of possible malfunctions that require immediate attention. One of those is an engine mount malfunction.

    Since the Mini is small in comparison to other vehicles, the parts require specialized attention. This may come in the form of Mini-specified units or unique parts that require delicate handling. Although the Mini is the known for its smooth engine, there are instances where this impeccable design can fail.

    What Is An Engine Mount Malfunction?

    Much like a television or electronic mount, the engine mount holds the engine in place. It’s primary job is to provide security and stability to this important part of the vehicle and to prevent the movement in the engine from transferring to the rest of the vehicle. It is divided into two sections; one is attached to the engine and the opposite to the frame. The center of the mount is made of rubber and it works to soak in the vibrations from the engine. This works to ensure a smooth and silky engine experience, protecting the engine from the jarring of the road while also cushioning the driver and passengers from the vibrations of the engine.

    When the engine vibrates too much, different internal parts can fall out of place. In addition, vibrations can make other aspects of the car drive in an uncomfortable manner. Since the engine is like the heart of the vehicle, those vibrations can affect the steering, suspension, and overall functionality of the car. In a small vehicle like the Mini, those vibrations can make a huge difference in the driver’s experience. When the engine mount malfunctions, this could possibly throw off the entire flow of the car.

    What Are the Reasons Behind a Malfunction?

    One of the primary reasons behind a mount malfunction is general wear and tear on the car. The engine is the bread and butter of the vehicle, and when it’s working it’s hardest, the units surrounding it will surely feel the burn. Often times, this general wear and tear can result in a cracked mount or even a split in the parts. When this occurs, the vehicle will experience those classic shakes and vibrations that alert the driver of a possible problem.

    Another common reason behind a mount malfunction is an insecure mount. If the mount is loosely or carelessly installed within the vehicle, this will result in issues within the engine. Although a relatively easy fix, if left untreated, this could result in engine failure. Other possible causes for a malfunction is internal leaking under the hood. If oil or other substances knock the mount off its support, drivers will experience those classic shakes.

    How to Avoid This Problem

    Without the engine, your vehicle is essentially dead. It is unable to turn on and operate. This makes engine health a top priority in car owners. When the engine mount isn’t healthy, it can directly impact how well your engine functions. Often times, if left untreated, this could lead to possible engine failure. That would be quite the stressful and expensive experience to go through.

    MINI Mechanic Checking Engine Mount Issue

    One of the primary ways to avoid a mount malfunction is to routinely check the health of your engine. This can be done by routine maintenance at your local service provider, preferably one who is well-versed in Mini Coopers and all their quirks. This check will ensure that your mount has not been shifted, cracked, or pushed off of its support. Routine servicing is essential, especially for Minis, as their highly engineered parts are extremely susceptible to damage.

    If you suspect that your engine mount is faulty, why not stop in at German Motor Specialist of Mountain View, CA? We’ve been servicing European specific cars in the California area for years. With our wealth of knowledge and dedication to providing an excellent customer experience, we will make sure your Mini is in good condition. Schedule your service today!

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